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University Resource Alignment

The final report of the first iteration of the University Resource Alignment (URA) process is below.

As part of its strategic planning effort, the URA process was the first attempt at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to conduct a faculty/staff led, comprehensive review of all academic and administrative programs to ensure alignment of resources with the University’s mission, goals and priorities. The charter URA Steering Committee designed a process that was both transparent and inclusive of a wide range of campus participants. Numerous institutions across the country have undertaken similar efforts as part of their strategic plans, often with the intent of achieving new objectives, starting new programs, or simply recovering from eras of contraction and budget reductions.

The final report presents results in an aggregate form. The final report is based on data submitted prior to the move to a three-campus university model. Given the subsequent changes to the university and the age of the data, individual unit-level ratings or comments will be not used from this first iteration of the URA process to make programmatic or budgetary decisions.

Rather, we will engage the University community in a discussion regarding next steps for the URA process which could include three types of actions:

  1. Response and feedback – All units will be asked to respond.
  2. Process and redesign –This first iteration is the result of herculean efforts by many to design and carry out a complex institution wide evaluation. A foundation is set, but improvements are needed.
  3. Alignment with planning and assessment – The URA process needs to be aligned with the Academic Plan, Strategic Plan, and program review processes.

Thank all to all who led and participated in this initial process.