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Strategic Priority C—Expand community engagement and economic development


Goal 1: Drive economic development and entrepreneurship.

Focus Areas:

  1. Focus campus services, resources and research that drive economic development in the region and state.
  2. Create mutually-beneficial relationships between the University and our community partners and industry.
  3. Provide academic programming that anticipates changing skill sets needed in the region and state.
  4. Create a talent pool that is responsive to industry needs.

Goal 2: Lead Community Engagement efforts in the Fox Valley.

Focus Areas:

  1. Provide all students with community-based learning experiences in collaboration with our local partners.
  2. Provide research capabilities to our community partners to solve regional issues.
  3. Obtain the Carnegie Elective Community Engagement Classification to be nationally recognized in this area.

Goal 3: Provide social, cultural and athletic programming, as well as mutually supportive educational outreach opportunities to the region.

Focus Areas:

  1. Engage in cultural and social partnerships with the region.
  2. Expand educational relationships that are mutually beneficial to the University and the region.
  3. Promote the array of university artistic, athletic and educational activities that enrich the shared culture of northeastern Wisconsin.