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Strategic Priority B—Promote Academic Excellence

Goal 1: Offer challenging, globally-focused and inspiring undergraduate and graduate curricula.

Focus Areas:

  1. Enhance student learning through innovative teaching and learning experiences that utilize technology, global and experiential learning, interdisciplinary approaches and capstone experiences.
  2. Regularly evaluate and modify curriculum at all levels to ensure a focus on student engagement and the enhancement of creative and critical thinking.
  3. Regularly review all academic programs for quality and ensure the achievement of the essential learning outcomes through rigorous assessment processes.

Goal 2: Create a research-­enhanced comprehensive university.

Focus Areas:

  1. Increase research expenditures, grants and contracts.
  2. Enable faculty research, creative activities and grantsmanship.
  3. Increase support and expand graduate programs to meet the needs of the region and state.
  4. Increase the involvement of faculty and staff in external professional organizations that support research efforts.
  5. Create new organizational structures that support academic excellence and innovation.

Goal 3: Transform the life of the faculty.

Focus Areas:

  1. Review and revise current faculty and instructional academic staff workload policies and evaluation procedures to better balance effectiveness, efficiency and quality of work life.
  2. Support faculty engagement in best practices related to teaching and research.
  3. Create additional opportunities that allow faculty and staff greater choice on career focus.