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Strategic Priority A—Enhance Student Success

Goal 1: Attract students, both nationally and internationally, who will select UW Oshkosh as their institution of choice.

Focus Areas:

  1. Eliminate barriers impeding access to higher education.
  2. Create and expand scholarship programs.
  3. Review and create a relevant, broad-based program array.
  4. Provide a wide variety of opportunities for high impact practices.
  5. Implement a national and international marketing strategy.


Goal 2: Increase the retention, progression and graduation rates.

Focus Areas:

  1. Lower financial and institutional barriers to student success.
  2. Provide best practice student support services.
  3. Create best practice student engagement programs.
  4. Institute new, comprehensive, co-curricular programs.


Goal 3: Prepare students for today’s careers, future employment and high quality of life.

Focus Areas:

  1. Develop academic programs that include community-based professional learning experiences.
  2. Create programs that foster students’ understanding of their career goals.
  3. Foster civic learning and civic participation to develop the leadership and life skills of our students.