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Implementation Progress Report

To assess the success of the strategic plan and it’s goals, UW Oshkosh annually measures Institutional Performance Metrics. The following 2015–2016 metrics and goals are listed below in relation to the 2015–2021 strategic plan.

General Metrics and Goals

Metric2015–2016Goal by 2021
Retention Rate76% (fall 2015 cohort)83%
Average Number of Credits Earned to Complete a Degree141 average credits 125–130 average credits
Faculty Research Grants$2,812,349$3,500,000
Student Diversity13%20%
Employee Diversity7%13%
Career Outcomes90%95%
First-year student satisfaction rate87%94%
Senior student satisfaction rate88%94%

Access Gap Metrics and Goals

The Access and Equity Gaps measure the difference between the identified student population compared to the full student population.

Metric2015–2016Goal by 2021
Under-Represented Minority74%83%
All Others76%83%
Equity Gap2%0%
Low Income76%83%
All Others76%83%
Equity Gap0%0%
First Generation72%83%
All Others76%
Equity Gap4%0%

Graduation Rates

Number of entering first-year students who graduate in four years or six years

Metric2015–2016Goal by 2021
4 Year19% (fall 2011 cohort)27 %
6 Year51% (fall 2009 cohort)60%
Under-Represented Minority Population 4 Year8% (fall 2011 cohort)20%
Under-Represented Minority Population 6 Year25% (fall 2009 cohort)40%

Economic Development

In 2015–2016, UW Oshkosh faculty and staff positively impacted the local and regional economy by providing consulting services to 319 businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies and 38 start-up companies.

By 2021, the goal is to partner with 400 businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies and 50 start-ups annually.