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Module 2: NGSS Conceptual Shifts

Overview: This week will start with a "progressions" activity, move on to a video lecture about the conceptual shifts and some background research, and end with a reflection on how these shifts can impact instruction and student learning.  My hope is that this background will help you (and help you help others) better appreciate the vision of NGSS...and help to explain why some of your favorite content is missing!

Live Chat: There will be two live chats this Wednesday (4/24) about NGSS & the Conceptual Shifts. 7:00 Central on Twitter (see here for info on Twitter Chats) and 8:15 Central here (coming soon).

Reorganization: It became pretty obvious in this week's discussion forum that course mapping is a top priority for many of you.  Because of this, I decided to move the course mapping "module" up to next week.


Task 1: Examining a NGSS Progression

Waves is one of the disciplinary core ideas in physical science.  In this activity, you will examine how NGSS addresses this core idea over the course of multiple grades.  While examining this progression, keep in mind the following questions:  How does the content build over grade levels? How are higher order thinking skills integrated into the standards?  and Is it clear what students should know and be able to do?  You may want to consider these questions in comparison to your current science standards.

The Examining NGSS (pdf) document includes a graphic organizer to record your thoughts and the Wave standards in NGSS.


Task 2: Progression Discussion

What are your thoughts about this strand or progression in NGSS?  Add your thoughts and engage in discussion in the Module 2: NGSS Progressions Discussion Forum.

Task 3: NGSS Conceptual Shifts



Task 4: Discuss the Shifts

I have posted 3 discussion topics in the Module 2: NGSS Shifts Discussion Forum. Please post your thoughts about the NGSS Shifts.


Performance Certificate Task


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