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Crosscutting Concepts

In this module we will take a look at how you can use crosscutting concepts during instruction.


Getting Started.

Take a look at the NGSS Standards for grade 5. Which cross-cutting concepts (1-2) do you think are most important at this level?  Share this in the Module 6 Discussion Forum.


Understanding the Cross-Cutting Concepts

The Crosscutting Concepts in NGSS provide students with starting points or intellectual tools to approach and understand science phenomena.



Read this article from NSTA about Crosscutting Concepts.



In the Module 6 Discussion Area, discuss these two prompts-

1.  What new insights do you have about the crosscutting concepts?

2.  Reflect on a course that you currently teach.  What crosscutting concepts are most important to understanding your course?  How could you make those important crosscutting concepts more explicit for your students?


What is next?

This is the last module in the "Understanding the Next Generation Science Standards MOOC." I hope these modules have deepened your understanding of NGSS and engaged you in rich discussion.  Please provide your thoughts on this MOOC and what you would like to see in the future in the "Wrap-Up" discussion forum.

These resources will remain available throughout the summer and next school year.  I may do some revising of tasks and videos, but the focus will stay very similar.  Please feel free to use these resources with other teachers.  I would appreciate it if you could let me know how/if you are using them!

I do hope to provide additional resources next year.



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