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Module One: Introduction

At a glance: The purpose of this first module is to help you understand how to read the standards. In this module, you will (1) introduce yourself, (2) watch one video describing how to read the standards and a second that provides a brief overview of the development process, and (3) discuss your initial reactions and questions. If you are completing the optional performance certificate, please see the bottom of this page for the Module 1 task before you begin!


Getting Started:

  1. If you have not reviewed the participation guidelines, please do that before you start!
  2. Download the standards document from NGSS@NSTA.  I will be referencing the document "arranged by topic" in this course.



Task 1: Introductions

Over 300 educators have registered for the live version of this course!  Please take some time to briefly introduce yourself in the Module 1: Introductions Discussion Forum.


Task 2: Reading NGSS

Practices? DCI? Foundation Boxes? Oh my!  The video below defines critical terms for understanding how the NGSS are structured. The video ends with an


Click here to download the Next Generation Science Standards


Check out this "FIZZ" style overview of the NGSS developmental process.

Note: The FIZZ style is an approach from NC State on flipping your classroom.


Task 3:

Take some time to look through the standards. Join the discussion in the Module 1: What Questions Do You Have? forum. What are your initial thoughts about the standards? About the development process?  What questions do you have?


Certificate Portfolio Option

If you are working towards the optional performance certificate, please complete the following prompt.

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