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Understanding NGSS





This MOOC was held in April & May of 2013.  However, the modules can be used in a self-paced manner to deepen your understanding of NGSS.

A MOOC is an open online "course-like" professional development experience.  The NGSS MOOC is free and does
not carry UW Oshkosh credit.

How to Participate


::: Module 1: Introduction (Live 04/18-21)

::: Module 2: NGSS Background & Shifts (Live 04/22-28)

::: Module 3: Model Course Sequences (Live 04/29 - 05/5)

::: Module 4: Performance Expectations (Live 05/6 - 05/12)

::: Module 5: Science & Engineering Practices (Live 05/13 - 05/19)

::: Module 6:  Cross-Cutting Concepts (Live 05/20 - 05/26)


Facilitated by Eric Brunsell, UW Oshkosh Science Ed



UW Oshkosh is offering a free, open and flexible online MOOC to assist educators as they deepen their understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards.

The NGSS MOOC includes a series of video lectures, resources, tasks, and online “office hours.” The MOOC is self-directed and flexible to match your schedule. Although there is a scheduled “live” component, the MOOC  can be completed at any time.

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