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How Do I Use Class Time?


General ideas

Student Project Web-resources

A Technology Enhanced Celebration of Learning:

This website offers a variety of different ways to use class time to engaged students that are in a flipped classroom setting including creating an infographic and organizing a flash mob performance.


FIZZ Paper Slides:

In this video the paper slides technique is introduced and demonstrated.

Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom:

This website discusses things to keep in mind to efficiently use flipped learning. In addition, it offers some models to use with the freed class time.


Story Jumper:

Have students create a book online about the educational topic the class has been studying.


Flipping the Classroom: Simply Speaking:

This video goes over the basics of flipped learning, some advantages, and describes how to flip your class. This video focuses on biology and gives interesting examples of how to engage your students during class time.



Go!Animate allows students to create videos that can demonstrate their understanding of material. This website has a school feature (for a cost) that is safe, secure, and private.


AAAS Science NetLinks:

This web resource offers videos, project ideas, and interesting topics that students can delve into.


Curious Students Ask about the Brain with MIT scientist:

This video shows a fourth grade class skyping with an MIT scientist named Dr. Wingate about the how the brain works.


Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math:

This web resource offers math Pre K-12 interactive activities, lessons, and lists other helpful internet math resources.



Students can create a Prezi to demonstrate their understanding of a topic.


*Resources Compiled By Kelli Parr, UWO Secondary Science

by Eric Brunsell last modified Mar 07, 2013 11:28 PM

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