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Common Questions and Concerns about Flipped Classrooms


Katie Gimbar’s Flipped Classroom-FAQ

This web resource contains multiple videos created by Katie Gimbar, a flipped teacher, which answer common questions associated with flipped learning.

MYTH: Flipped Learning is All About the Videos

This blog talks about how flipped learning opens up valuable class time for teachers and their students. It also discusses how the media usually only discusses how videos can be used in place of lectures.

The Flipped Class Manifesto

This article describes what flipped learning looks like and emphasizes that flipped learning is not a miracle fix for instruction.

Can the Flipped Classroom Benefit Low-Income Students?

This article talks about the struggles that many teachers in low-socioeconomic areas face when trying to implement flipped learning. It also discusses some of the benefits for those that have tried.

What is the Flipped Classroom and Why is is Amazing?

This website has an easy to follow infographic that discusses what flipped learning is, some benefits, and some of its possible short-comings.

The Flipped Class: Myth vs. Reality

Common misconceptions associated with flipped classrooms are brought up in this article. A list of components that make up a flipped classroom is also provided.

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