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Flipped Classroom Resources - Science




Videos and other Resources

Educational Videos:

This website allows teachers and students to upload their own educational videos. It also allows users to see other videos that have been posted to the website.


PBS Teachers:

This online resource offers a variety of videos, lesson ideas, and interactive activities for students PreK-12 covering almost any topic.



This website allows users to filter videos by age, subject, and specific topic area. Video headings are sorted in a hierarchal arrangement on the top of the screen so finding related videos is easy.



This web resource includes videos, activities, project ideas, helpful links for every subject area, and an area where you can find materials that correspond with your state standards.


iTunes Educational Podcasts:


This website offers the download of many free educational videos and audio segments that cover a wide variety of subjects. It has options for a variety of age levels as well.


National Geographic:

This web resource offers interesting science videos, pictures, and articles

Khan Academy:

This web resource allows users to search over 3,500 K-12 educational videos on a variety of topics and subject areas for free.


American Field Guide:

This website has videos that have been on public broadcast television that relate to science. It also offers a teacher resource center with ideas for projects to go along with the videos.


TeacherTube allows people to view videos, pictures, and audio from a multitude of different subjects. These videos could be used as an at home resource or for part of the lesson in a flipped classroom.



NeoK12 offers a large array of videos and games on a variety of educational topics. All of the videos on the website have been screened by K-12 teachers so it has safe content.


Chemistry Video Collection:

This website allows users to see videos of chemical reactions. Some examples show reactions that are too dangerous to be performed in the classroom.


Copernicus Project:

This website focuses on videos, lab ideas, and pictures for students in high school biology class. It is in an easy to follow format that is broken down by topics like ecology and cellular respiration.


Science Hack:

This video search website is unique because every video is screened by scientists to check for accuracy. Most of the videos found on this website are from the fields of math and science.


Science Kids:

This website has videos, pictures, lessons, projects, and games relating to science.


ESPN Sport Science:

This website offers videos that break down the science behind many professional sports and athletes. There is even a video analyzing Green Bay Packer Wide Receiver Greg Jennings.


The Biology Project:

This web resource allows students to use interactive games to investigate biology.



This web resource offers free videos that are entertaining and informative. They have a lot of great talks about science, technology, and environmentalism.


This web resource offers animations, videos, interactive materials and virtual labs that relate to biology.


*Compiled by Kelli Parr, UWO Secondary Science Program


by Eric Brunsell last modified Mar 07, 2013 11:28 PM

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