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The Benefits of a Flipped Classroom


Katie Gimbar on "How does this work for all learners?"

(Katie uses the FIZZ approach)

The Flipped Classroom as a Vehicle to the Future

This video discusses the changing needs of students and why flipped learning is a positive strategy for filling that need. It also discusses how flipped learning allows teachers to make learning experiences more meaningful.

21st Century Classroom: iPod Touch Expands (&Flips) the Classroom

In this video, a teacher describes how flipped learning has helped his students by making class information more accessible.

TED Talks- Salman Kahn: Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education

In this video Salman Kahn, talks about how utilizing videos in education can greatly benefit the students. Additionally, he discusses why changes are necessary with the current state of education. He sees flipped classrooms as the future of education.

Teachers “Doing the Flip” to Help Students become Leaders

This website has three videos that describe what flipped learning. The benefits of flipped learning, especially in math and science, are discussed.

What is the Flipped Classroom and Why is is Amazing?

This website has an easy to follow infographic that discusses what flipped learning is, some benefits, and some of its possible short-comings.

2012 Flipped Classroom Conference Montage

Throughout this video, teachers discuss the need for a change in educational strategy. They discuss the benefits of flipped learning and why it is a good choice for today’s learners.


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