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Join the STEM departments of UW-Oshkosh on Saturday, October 22 as we share hands-on activities for the entire family.  Alumni, students, families, and the general public are all welcome at this free event.

Check-in in the lobby of Halsey Science Center, ERIC lab, or Biodigester on the UW-Oshkosh campus and pick up a map of all event locations

Cost is FREE

10 AM – noon


Halsey Science Center Events

This event is a drop-in open-house style event.  Some of presentations and tours begin at specified times, but you are welcome to come in at any time 10 AM – noon.


Presented by Dr. Rob Mitchell.  Meet the insects, spiders and more that are living in your backyard.

Chemistry Demonstration Show

Presented by the UWO Chemistry Club.  Explore the wonders of chemistry put into action. The  half-hour demonstrations will start at 10 AM, 10:40 AM, and 11:20 AM, drop in any time.

Learn to Program your own image filters for Instagram

Presented by Dr. David Furcy. With help from Dr. Furcy you will be able to write your own code in Java and get to create a filter for Instagam pictures.  Let your digital creativity roam free! Instructions begin at 10 AM and 11 AM

Meet the Ozobots

Presented by students in Computer Science.  Meet this fleet of tiny egg-sized robots that read code you will draw on paper with marker!  You can make the robots dance, spin, and jump.

Forensic Anthropology

Presented by Dr. Jordan Karsten. Focus on forensic anthropology, including how anthropologists analyze skeletal remains to help solve crimes and learn about ancient peoples. In this demonstration you will have the opportunity to handle and examine skeletal replicas.

Intro to Hematology

Presented by Ms. Mallory Janquart. Hematology is the study of the components of your blood. You will look at the different types of blood cells and learn about what they do to protect you. Medical technologists are people who are trained to determine if the cells in your blood are normal or abnormal.

Launch a Trebuchet

Presented by Dr. Jeff Beam.  You’ve seen it in the movies, now get a chance to use one a scale model. The trebuchet was a siege weapon that used gravity to throw projectiles in a high, curving arc at the target. Trebuchets were in use in Europe and Asia prior to the invention or introduction of gunpowder and the development of artillery. 

Other STEM events on campus

ERIC lab guided tours – 783 Pearl Avenue

Presented by Dr, Greg Kleinheinz. Learn about topics in environmental health and engineering, such as insects and public health, epidemics, water quality and well construction! Through hands-on learning strategies, you will learn how environmental health professionals/engineers make sure what we breathe, touch, eat and drink are safe.

Biodigester guided tours – 755 Dempsey Trail

The UW-Oshkosh biogas system is the first of its kind this side of the globe, turning food, yard and agricultural waste into renewable energy and heat. See this groundbreaking technology that contributed greatly towards the university’s Sierra Club distinction as third greenest school in the U.S.! Half-hour tours start at 10, 10:40, and 11:20

Titan Gold – 755 Dempsey Trail

Learn about the production of Titan Gold, local organic compost that is a product of the nation’s first dry biodigester. Titan Gold closes the loop in organics waste management. It starts at local organic material such as food scraps, is used to produce clean energy and heat at our UW-Oshkosh campus biodigester, and then is composted to produce premium organic compost. Titan Gold compost will be available for sale.

Download a PDF map here.

If you need further information, please contact us at (920) 424-0287 or