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Buckstaff Planetarium

*** Planetarium renovation is on hold indefinitely. Please visit the Barlow Planetarium in Menasha in the meantime. Show information can be found at


Past shows
Show Title AgesShow Description
Earth in the Solar SystemFour years through adultYou will see a basic overview of the significant structures of our solar system. Included are images of the planets in our solar system with a focus on their differences and similarities, and on the movement of the planets around the Sun. *This show was written to address the WI science standards.
Starry NightsFour years throughadultYou will see a seasonal overview of constellations and stars. We will share some of the cultural mythology that is associated with them and the circumpolar (year-round) constellations. Learn about the role and importance of Polaris (North Star).
The Big DipperFour years through adultThis show concentrates on the most recognizable asterism in the northern hemisphere. The Big Dipper can be used to find many constellations in the night sky in an easy to remember format. Also included is some of the mythology and importance of this constellation from many different cultures.
What Is In the Sky?Three year through nine yearsKids are invited to look up and ask, “What is in the sky?” We will start with clouds and other things we can see during the day and at night. Then we will discuss how telescopes can help us see the sky better and introduce the planets and stars.
The Signs of the ZodiacNine year through adult Learn the history and stories behind all the signs of the Zodiac. You will learn when and where to find the different constellations in the sky.
Native American Star StoriesFour years through adultThe focus of this show is on some of the star stories that have been passed down through the generations by different Native American cultures.
A Deeper Look at the Night SkyEight years through adult This show will examine the constellations that can be seen on the night of the show and highlights the brightest stars. Then we will take a deeper look into these constellations to find any anomalies (nebulae, galaxies, etc.) that are located in that part of the sky.
Explorers of Mauna Kea
Nine years through adult“Explorers of Mauna Kea” was developed by the Bishop Museum and NASA. Mauna Kea is a mountain in Hawaii with dozens of telescopes. The show talks about how the mountain was created, some of its early history and some of the astronomy that is being done there currently.
Monsters in the SkyNine years through adultHear stories from many different cultures about some of the scary monsters that can be found in our night sky as constellations.
Christmas NightsNine years through adultWhat is the Christmas star? How did the sky appear to the Magi (i.e., astrologers) in years two and three B.C.? What was the sky like on the night that Christians celebrate as the birth of Jesus? Learn the answers to these questions and more!
Love is in the SkyNine years through adultEnjoy a love-guided tour of the evening sky. Learn about the timeless love stories that include Vega, Altair and the Corona Borealis to name a few!
Anomalies of the UniverseNine years through adultCome learn about solar nebula, comets, meteorites and meteor showers, asteroids and the asteroid belt, Aurora Borealis and the life of a star.
Space ExplorationFour years through adultHighlighted in this show are some of the history and current advancements mankind has made in space exploration