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Lynn Molzahn

Accelerated Online Bachelor's to BSN Option
Fargo, North Dakota


A North Dakota resident, Lynn Molzahn dreamed of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and becoming a registered nurse. In May 2008, Lynn was admitted to UW Oshkosh’s Accelerated Nursing Option.

With Lynn residing in a relatively isolated area of the country, the College of Nursing accelerated program staff was faced with the challenges of securing a clinical site, coordinating clinical rotations, assuring timely communication with the North Dakota State Board of Nursing and orientating adjunct faculty to this unique nursing program.

The search for clinical sites began in Fargo, where Lynn resided with his wife. Although Lynn worked as a CNA at one of the main health systems in Fargo, they were unable to accommodate him for his clinical rotations while in the accelerated BSN program, as were other local hospitals in Fargo. Lynn remained patient, never expressing doubt or concern, an attribute to his military background.

Seeking a site for his clinical rotation, Lynn offered to relocate to Bismarck, North Dakota. Although it was 200 miles away, he and his wife were willing to make it work if a site could be arranged. Upon speaking with with the nurse educator at a hospital in Bismarck, Lynn was approved to complete his first precepted clinical, with commitment to further clinicals hinging upon how well the first clinical proceeded. He was set to begin clinicals as scheduled with the rest of the May 2008 cohort.

An MSN-prepared nurse, Lynn’s unit manager, Courtney, agreed to serve as an adjunct clinical instructor as well as the liaison between the accelerated  nursing option and the hospital. Lynn’s first clinical went well, and he remained at the hospital to complete clinicals in obstetrics, pediatrics, diabetic education and wound care. For his last clinical experience, Lynn chose to work in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Upon completion of the curriculum, Lynn planned to return to Fargo. Instead, in another exciting turn of events, he was offered and accepted a staff RN position in the ICU where he completed his clinical synthesis.