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Alisha Cook

Role: Oshkosh Student Nursing Association

Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Hometown: Lena, WI

"Nursing is in my blood. It is who I am. I grew up on a dairy farm where caring and nurturing animals/ others comes naturally. Both my mother and sister are registered nurses. They have made a wonderful impression on me, an impression that I would like to give another person someday. The nursing profession as a whole gives me a wide range of versatility where I can have room to grow in any area of the health care field that suits me.

"My mother and sister both graduated from Oshkosh and have strong feelings of support for the nursing program. They felt that the program prepared them to be the best they could be and they are appreciative of it. When I went to apply to schools that had the nursing major, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh was the only school that came to my mind to apply to.

"I love the support given to students and the feeling that you can succeed if you just put yourself into it.

"I would like to graduate with nursing honors. Upon completion, I want to feel confident that I have given my best effort into being the best nurse possible because my future patients deserve the best."