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Abby Xiong

Major: Accelerated Online Bachelor's to BSN Option

Hometown: Kenosha

"Nursing was always a career I wish I had pursued. UW Oshkosh’s Accelerated Nursing option gave me the opportunity to accomplish my goal of becoming a nurse. As a second-degree student, the program fit perfectly into my lifestyle. The program is unique in the fact that it is accelerated, the theory classes are offered online and the clinical proportion is precepted; this allows for students to live in other cities or states while earning their BSN.

"The professors are always willing to give guidance and provide feedback. The clinical experience was amazing. I learned so much during my clinical rotations because I was instructed one-on-one by a nurse. The program made me work hard, taught me self-motivation and left me surprised with my own ability to achieve a BSN within the time frame provided."