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Abbie Kunde

Major: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Nurse Educator
Hometown: Oshkosh

"My undergraduate experience at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s College of Nursing was amazing and I found myself, even at that time, contemplating returning to complete my master’s degree at UW Oshkosh. After four years of working, I felt the time was right to return and begin the master’s program for nursing education.

"Although I still reside in Oshkosh, this factor had little to do with my decision to again attend UW Oshkosh. Mainly my outstanding experience while completing my baccalaureate degree and my love for the College of Nursing was what brought me back. I am fortunate to again learn from the instructors who taught me previously in the undergraduate program, but this time on a whole new level.

"Currently, I am a full-time student in the UW Oshkosh MSN – Nurse Educator Program. While it is a challenge, I know that I will be well prepared when I finish and that there will be many rewards."