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Our learning group leaders assist first-year students in making the successful transition to college through academic skills building, integration to campus, leadership development, service learning, and related social events. Two upper-class TRIO SSS/SSS STEM students serve as the leaders for each weekly Learning Group. The Learning Group sessions take place at the Campus Center for Equity and Diversity (CCED) building.

We are here to help YU! 

I am a second-year student at the University of Oshkosh majoring in physical education. I am very passionate about my major and teaching in general. I do take my studies very seriously, so a lot of my time is spent studying and completing homework. I also enjoy staying activate around campus and meeting new people.

Although this is my first year of leading a learning group, I couldn’t be more excited to see where this year goes. I cannot wait to kick off the year with all of you. 

Aidan Funk (He/Him/His)

Physical Education Major

I am in my fourth year and am an elementary education major with a minor in math. I am so excited to be returning as a learning group leader!

When I’m not at school or working I like to go hiking, camping, hanging out with friends and family, and traveling. I moved from Florida 3 years ago so I really enjoy traveling around Wisconsin and trying to see everything I can. I look forward to meeting all of you!! 

Destiny Davison-Boothe (She/Her/Hers)

Math Education Major

I am in my second year at UWO. I am a psychology major and a social justice minor. After school, I plan to become a mental health counselor. I am passionate about helping people and want to make an impact. I am excited to be a learning group leader this year.

When not studying for classes, I like to hang out with friends and watch movies. I also enjoy playing card games. I look forward to helping students adjust to college life and can’t wait to see where this year takes us! 

Carli Ourada (She/Her)

Psychology Major

My name is Gaiab (Jah e yah). My hometown is Stevens Point and this is my third year here at UW Oshkosh, majoring in Advertising. I am an arts and crafts girlie, I enjoy board games, going out thrifting, and enjoying my free time accompanied by friends.

Being a Learning Group leader has helped me grow professionally and personally in my experiences in leadership. I look forward to being a part of your journey as you navigate your way through college. 

Gaiab Vang (She/Her)

Advertising Major

I am one of the TRIO SSS Learning Group Leaders for the 2022-2023 academic year. I am a third-year student, pursuing a communication studies major with an emphasis in organizational communication, and I will also be getting a certificate in Human Resources Management.

After school, I hope to work in the business field, specifically HR. During my free time I love to spend time with my friends. I also love coffee, watching movies, and listening to my favorite true crime podcast, Morbid. I’m very excited for Learning Group and to see where this year takes us! 

Kaiya Albrecht (She/Her)

Communication Studies Major

I am a sophomore this year and I’m pursuing my degree in Physical Education. I’m very excited to become a Group Leader and I can’t wait to help people, while learning and having so many great experiences.

In my free time I tend to do a lot of fishing/hunting along with hanging out with friends. I look forward to helping you adjust and adapt to your first year of college. 

Wyatt Seibel (He/Him)

Physical Education Major

I am in my fourth year here at Oshkosh. I’m majoring in geography and environmental studies with a minor in psychology. I am also getting my certificate in behavioral science.

I am from a small town in southeastern WI where I went to Union Grove High School. I have a passion for helping others and that is why I am taking on the role of being a learning group leader.

My hobbies are traveling, hiking and watching sports. My favorite places that I have been to are Croatia and Grand Teton National Park. I am very excited to be on the SSS team! 

Konner Goetsch (He/Him)

Geography Major

I am a third-year human resources management major. I am passionate about getting to know everyone and learning new things. I enjoy hanging out with friends and going to concerts.

Fun fact: I’ve been to 10 concerts this year. I love helping others and creating relationships. 

Faith Meckler (She/Her)

Human Resources Major

I am a third-year student pursuing a psychology major and a sociology minor. I am very passionate about improving the livelihoods of others, by embracing individuality and creating a safe space for all. This is why I want to achieve a degree in counseling!

My hobbies include attending concerts, hanging out with friends, dancing, and being outdoors. I am very excited about this upcoming year as an LG leader. 

Rain Knops (She, Her, Hers)

Psychology Major

I am a second-year student here at UW Oshkosh. I am a biology major as well as a member of the Biology Club. I am very excited to be a group leader this school year. I really enjoy meeting new people and making connections with those around me.

In my free time, I like to spend time outside, whether camping, hiking, or gardening. I also like to bake goods for my friends. 

Alyssa Adams (She/Her)

Biology Major

I am in my second year of college here in UWO and am currently trying my best to survive the onslaught. But it’s all right as we are all here together to hopefully graduate in the coming years. I am of Hmong descent and come from a small town called Manitowoc where I moved from in order to escape my parents.

Jokes aside, I like to help people be in a comfortable space wherever my presence graces upon and therefore I am excited to help people become used to UWO in the upcoming years. I also like gaming, reading, and listening to music although my tastes are varied. 

Jacky Yang (He/Him)

ESL Education Major

I am a 2nd year student here at UWO. I transferred here from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College located in Green Bay. My major is undeclared, but I plan to go into Economics with a minor in Business Analytics.

I love watching movies, some of my favorites are from Studio Ghibli! I also enjoy going on walks with my friends and traveling. During my free time I like to just relax and listen to music. 

Pa Nhia Thao (She/Her)

Economics Major

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