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Kolf Athletic Training Facility

The 6,300 sq. ft. Kolf athletic training facility is home to volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, wrestling, gymnastics, cross country running and track and field.

It is a full-service athletic training facility including four hydrotherapy tubs, nine treatment tables, a traction table, six taping stations, a large variety of rehabilitation equipment and therapeutic modalities. Modalities include: four electrical stimulation units, four ultrasound units, two intermittent compression devices, a paraffin bath, moist heat packs and ice.


Titan Stadium Athletic Training Facility

The Titan Stadium athletic training facility is home to football, baseball and softball. This facility is open from mid-August to mid-November and again from the end of March to mid-May.

Titan Stadium offers a taping area, six treatment tables, select rehabilitation equipment, two electrical stimulation units, an ultrasound unit, an intermittent compression device, moist heat packs and ice.


Albee Hall Athletic Training Room

The Albee Hall athletic training room is home to swimming and diving. Albee Hall is open for swimming and diving events only. This facility has an electrical stimulation unit, an ultrasound unit, moist heat packs and ice.

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(920) 424-7142
Kolf 169

(920) 424-7142

Kolf 169

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