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What Can I Do With This Major?

Set yourself up for success.

If you stop to think about it, most of the jobs requiring college degrees are not associated with a particular college major. Sure, many accountants have accounting degrees, and even more nurses have nursing degrees, but who is in that vast majority of jobs that don’t have associated majors in college catalogs?

The biggest group is “liberal arts graduates,” and sociology majors are in that group along with history majors, English majors, and many others. The American Sociological Association notes, however, that sociology majors have an advantage: “knowledge of key social factors and a firm grasp on research design and methods.”

Career Opportunities In Sociology

The range of occupations held by people who majored in sociology is very wide. You can see it in the occupations of people who graduated with sociology majors from UW Oshkosh, listed below. Nearly 25 percent of our graduates continue on for a graduate degree in fields such as sociology, law, organizational leadership and professional counseling. View sociology career options.

    Occupations Held By UWO Sociology Alum

    • Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Purdue University
    • Associate Professor of Rural Sociology, Penn St.
    • Chaplin, Waupun Correctional Institute
    • Nurse, ThedaCare
    • Community Services Job Support Manager at Lakeside Packaging Plus
    • Registrar, Winnebago Mental Health
    • Utility Incentives Manager, Cree LED Lighting
    • School Counselor, Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School
    • Assistant Director with the City of Fort Worth Economic Development Department
    • Executive Director, Omega School, Madison

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