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Health, Humanities and Society Minor

About the Minor

The Health, Humanities and Society Minor is for students interested in public health, medicine, nursing, population studies, health or public administration, and others who seek to develop their health-related education through perspectives beyond the traditional, biomedical lens.

This interdisciplinary minor expands UW Oshkosh’s offerings in the broad field of health studies by joining together the diverse approaches to the study of health and illness taking place in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, thus both enriching UWO’s offerings for students majoring and minoring in health-studies-related disciplines (from biology to chemistry to kinesiology to nursing, etc.) and providing learning opportunities for all students interested in engaging with health and illness issues in a broadly defined and well-rounded manner – one of the major goals of liberal arts education.

Using the knowledge gained through humanities, social sciences, and the arts, the HHS Minor will cultivate the intellectual understanding and awareness of health as a human and social entity and not merely the purview of the natural sciences. A good understanding of human experiences and society is integral to achieving competent, ethical, and efficient health care. The HHS Minor will explore various human cultures and behaviors as well as the social determinants of health, through the lenses of narrative medicine, history of medicine, literary studies, science and technology studies, medical anthropology, medical sociology, politics, ethics, economics, philosophy, psychology, communication, and the arts.


Required Courses

  • Philosophy 231 – Biomedical Ethics
  • Sociology/SJ 317 – Sociology of Health & Illness

Electives (choose three from below list)

  • Anthropology 220 – Culture and Health
  • Art 313 – Italian Renaissance Art & Architecture
  • Art 314 – Northern Renaissance Art
  • Biology/WGS 310 – Biology of Gender
  • Economics 319 – Emerging Economies
  • English 359 – Literature & Science
  • Hmong Studies 230 – Memory & Trauma
  • Philosophy 335 – Philosophy of Sex
  • Philosophy 205 – Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society
  • Psychology 320 – Health Psychology
  • Social Justice 101 or 102 – Introduction to Social Justice
  • Sociology/ES 315 – Population Problems
  • Sociology 367 – Sex & Sexualities (formerly 360)

Electives must include courses from at least three different departments.

More Information

Dr. Paul Van Auken, Chair, UWO Department of Sociology & Public Administration

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Department of Sociology & Public Administration

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