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Hometown: Menominee, MI
Major: Environmental Studies & Sociology
Emphasis: Policy & Value and Organization, Community, andEnvironment
Certificate: Sustainable Education

Why sociology? I was originally an Environmental Studies student, but couldn’t exactly find what I wanted to do with it career wise. So, I talked to Jim Feldman, the Department Chair of the ES Program, and he told me about the new streamlined double major that Sociology and Environmental Studies were doing. After taking Environment and Society, I realized if I wanted to make a difference for the planet, I needed to start with how to make a difference with the people. Therefore, Environmental Studies and Sociology were the perfect majors for me.

What are some of the key things that you got out of the major? The key outcomes I have gotten from being an environmental studies and sociology student have been the ability to approach environmental issues in a humane and ethical way. Before I took sociology courses I definitely viewed environmental issues in a more selfish and closed-minded way, now I understand topics such as environmental justice and the effects of consumerism.

What other activities have you been involved in? Currently, I am the President of the Student Environmental Action Coalition and have been a part of
Green Fund since my freshman year.

What are some of your interests? Most of my interests consist of being outdoors. I love to hike, go camping, and travel. I love reading, and recently have gotten into some very cool environmental books, and I also love spending time with my friends, family, and animals.

What are my plans for the future? After I graduate, I plan to head back to Alaska for the summer to be an environmental educator again. In my long term goal, I want to work seasonal jobs and travel all around the country working for different environmental camps and meeting people from all over. I do not want the typical 9-5 job, but want a job that makes every second worth living. So to make the long answer short, I just want to go with the wind and let it take me as long as I am young and able.