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Why did you choose sociology as your major?

I became a sociology major because it was one subject that I kept returning to. I went into college declared in biology because science was something that was always easy for me and I excelled at, but I found myself taking sociology classes every semester because I was so fascinated in it. I eventually decided that what I was learning in my sociology classes aligned more to my interests and would lead me to a career I could be passionate about, and decided to pursue a sociology major.

What are some of the key things that you got out of the major?

I really believe that studying Sociology has helped be better myself as a human, as a community member, as a critical thinker. In the role that I have, many of what I have learned has played a huge part in serving the community more effectively.

What did you do following graduation from UWO?

After graduation I started with the Boys & Girls Club in Portage County as the Director of Teen Services. I love the mission of the Boys & Girls Club and the role that Clubs can play in the places that they are located. I currently serve as the Branch Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Menasha and have been with the Boys & Girls Club for over five years. My sociology background has played a huge role in how I serve in my position and in my community. I can focus on compassion and understanding in the work that I do.

What are you up to now?

I encourage all sociology students to become involved in all that Oshkosh has to offer. It’s an amazing city with so many opportunities to get to know your neighbors, volunteer, and have new experiences. It’s important to challenge your way of thinking, allow yourself to make mistakes, and ask for help when it’s needed.