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I’ve chosen to study Sociology for a few different reasons. First of all, I didn’t even know I wanted to until spring semester of last year. I wanted to go a different career route and the advisor I had met with led me to choose between Sociology and Social work. I did a little digging on both programs and thought Sociology would suit me a little better. But once I switched to sociology and continued to read into it, I learned that I made the right choice. I’m learning all about how my society works and moves together. Once you can understand that, there are so many issues within society that are easier to solve.

I’m able to see patterns in our societal history and compare those to other countries. It’s actually really interesting and super cool! It’s helped me see the problems in our society and where they may stem from. For example, as I’m most interested in helping those who are under privileged and live in lower class areas, learning about the opportunities and programs that aren’t available to them is a huge problem rather than the individual choices they’re making. It’s a societal problem not an individual problem.

I’d say my favorite part is that it isn’t a super popular major so it’s easy to get connected with other sociology majors and minors. Sociologists all have a unique way of looking at the world and I love to be a part of that!

I’ve been in various clubs as I’ve switched my major and minor such as Biology and Spanish clubs. I also joined the SCEC club last year! However, I’m currently looking to join the Titan Volunteers! I’m also starting an internship at the Oshkosh prison I couldn’t be more excited for next semester.

A few of my other top interests would include playing piano which I’ve been doing since I was about 8 years old. I love to go camping and hiking, I even tried rock climbing last year which is a blast. During the winter, I like to go skiing! I’m a big fan of weight-lifting as well! I’m part of a modeling agency so when there are opportunities and I’m not in class I like to take those on, they’re a lot of fun! I’ve recently become a huge fan of podcasts.

For my future, I plan to graduate next spring and then go to Graduate school for my masters in counseling! I plan on being a high school counselor. I want and plan on doing a lot for my future school and community. Motivating others past their assumed ability is a big passion of mine and I can’t wait to have a lifetime career of doing just that.