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Why did you choose to study Sociology?
When I started at UW Oshkosh I was a Biology major. I made it through my first two years here, and during the second semester of my sophomore year I was finishing up my gen-eds when I happened to take my first sociology class. It was Modern Social Problems with Dr. DJ Wolover. At that same time I was struggling with wanting to be a Biology major due to loving the Modern Social Problems class. I think the experience that DJ gave as a professor made me know that Sociology is what I wanted to do.
Don’t get me wrong, I liked sociology before but I didn’t know I wanted to study it. What really did it is when we learned about Milwaukee and started talking about the social problems found there. I’m originally from Milwaukee, so it definitely hit home for me and that is when I started to see things through a sociological eye. My interest peaked and I knew I wanted to be a sociology major!
What are some key things you’ve gotten out of the major?
It has opened up my eyes. I have always been open minded about everything, but now I look at everything with a sociological perspective, as well as my open mind. I have gained knowledge on the sociological aspect of health in Sociology of Health and Illness, and now I realize just how much social forces can determine your overall health. Sociology of Gender and Sociology of Family showed me how social constructions determine how we interact with each other or how we determine who is who (which isn’t right) but this is the “norm” that society creates. I learned how to be a more confident researcher in Applied Sociology and worked with the Winnebago County Health Department to organize a community book read.
Overall, I’ve gained a lot of applicable knowledge as well as experience in this major.
What is your favorite part of studying Sociology at UWO?
My favorite part would have to be the Sociology Department faculty. I have enjoyed every class I have had with every professor. The faculty makes the major what it is. When I was a biology major I didn’t get the same level of interaction and care as I do with the faculty here. I love that we have Third Place (a weekly faculty and staff gathering). I’d go all the time and talk to the secretary, Amy Jeanty, and all the faculty who were there. We wouldn’t talk about class, but we would talk about life! Anything that was going on while also enjoying coffee and breakfast snacks!
What else have you been involved in at UWO?
I have been involved in the Student Support Services TRIO program! I am a first generation college student and I was a part of SSS during my freshman year. The group definitely helped with my transition into college while also helping to create friendships with other students!
I have also participated in Hands On Oshkosh a number of times! Most recently, I volunteered at the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Center as a part of Hands on Oshkosh.
What are some of your other interests?
I enjoy nature. I really like to hike and camp in the summer as much as possible! I recently got a really nice mountain bike and had been trying to get out and do that in the summer. I love to promote local businesses and go to the Farmer’s Market here in Oshkosh.
What are your plans for the future?
I plan to move back home to Milwaukee. I was considering looking into doing College Possible which works with the youth of Milwaukee, and kind of shows the students in low-income areas that college is in their future. The program works with them during high school and even into college.
I think after doing something like this for a couple years I might go back for my Master’s. I am not sure what for quite yet but I want a little mental break before I commit to more school.
In terms of the near future, I am potentially doing an internship with the Winnebago County Public Health Department during Spring 2020 semester. I am super excited and hope it all works out because it is definitely something I am interested in!