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Why did you choose to study sociology?

There is so much more to sociology than I ever imagined! I transferred to UWO as a junior last year and I knew I wanted to major in Sociology from the start. I choose to study sociology because of the vast amount of relevance it has in most professional (fields) and everyday life. Sociology has quite a wide range of studies, from looking at something as a whole and a public issue to something as cultural, community or worldwide public issues to something as specific as analyzing local environmental factors in Wisconsin counties’ breast cancer rates. Sociology can be applied to nearly any career field. I am going into the medical field, and love looking at healthcare through a sociological lens and ultimately different perspectives. Studying sociology not only aids in the understanding of the social forces that shape my life but also society as a whole.

What are some key things you’ve gotten out of the major?

This major is the best of both worlds when it comes down to it; in both the personal and professional aspects. Being a sociology major has taught me how to view the social world from a new perspective. It has brought to my attention topics that I may not otherwise have thought about and how sociological factors affect both the majority and minorities in our society. Sociology truly encompasses anything and everything. I appreciate the variances in studying sociology with different research methods, and the applicability of it in daily living.

What is your favorite part of studying sociology at UWO?

The best part about studying sociology at UWO is the opportunities they offer here. The major itself is very manageable. There are many ways to incorporate what you research and learn in classes into the outside world and everyday life. There are a variety of courses offered in the sociology department offers that would be of interest to most, and for those that major in sociology there are additional emphasis, certificates, and internship opportunities. It’s great to be a sociology major here at UWO.

What are some of your interests?

I love traveling and exploring new places in the U.S. I enjoy being outdoors; fishing, hiking, and also trying new restaurants. I also have a great passion for the medical field and the ever-changing technology it offers. I love learning about advances in the medical field, especially that of OB Sonography, which I will be continuing my education in.

What are your plans for the future?

After I graduate in spring, I will be starting a Diagnostic Medical Sonography program to become an OB Sonographer; this is something that I have been working very hard towards and am ecstatic to begin this program next fall.