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Why did you choose sociology as your major?

I entered UW Oshkosh as a political science major and, like many sociology majors, was convinced upon a semester in Sociology 101 that sociology better represented my intellectual and practical interests.

What are some of the key things that you got out of the major?

During my undergraduate years I benefited from the small, personal nature of the UW Oshkosh Sociology Department. Through interactions with faculty and a number of practical internships in nursing homes and an adult day center I was able to pursue my interest in applied gerontology.

What did you do following graduation from UWO?

Upon graduation I earned a second degree in nursing, a Master’s degree in Gerontology, and carried out a career in nursing care for the aged. However, my interest in social theory and methods remained and in 2004 I entered the Ph.D. program at Purdue University.

What are you up to now?

I am currently an assistant professor in the School of Nursing at Purdue, a position that allows me to apply social theory and methods to research questions addressing health care delivery. I frequently credit my undergraduate education at UW Oshkosh for my ability to achieve a PhD. I believe that the close faculty contact and personal attention I received in Oshkosh planted in me a love of sociology that encouraged my academic success.