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UWO Department of Social Work Field Manual

Introduction and Welcome

Chapter I: Department of Social Work Philosophy

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Goals of the Bachelor of Social Work Program
  • Goals of the Master of Social Work Program

Chapter II: Social Work Curriculum

  • Section 1: Core Competencies of the Bachelor of Social work Program and Master of Social Work Foundation Students
  • Section 2: Core Competencies of Advanced Master of Social Work Students
  • Section 3: Bachelor of Social Work Coursework
  • Section 4: Master of Social Work Course Work
  • Section 5: Internship Structure

Chapter III: Essential Elements of Field Education

  • Section 1: The BSW Field Internship Application
  • Section 2: The MSW Foundation Field Internship Application
  • Section 3: The MSW Advanced Field Internship Application
  • Section 4: The Field Placement Process
  • Section 5: Partnership Agreement between the University, Department and Approved Field Agencies
  • Section 6: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Section 7: Criteria for Field Agency Approval
  • Section 8: Developing the Student Learning Contract
  • Section 9: Evaluating the Student Learning Experience

Chapter IV: Policies and Procedures

  • Section 1: ADA and Students with Disabilities
  • Section 2: Confidentiality
  • Section 3: Absences
  • Section 4: Provision of Professional Service at Field Agencies
  • Section 5: Employment and Field Placement Distinction Policy
  • Section 6: Change of Field Placement Site
  • Section 7: Termination of Field Placement
  • Section 8: Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Section 9: Liability Insurance
  • Section 10: Driving
  • Section 11: Caregiver and Criminal Background Checks


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh- Department of Social Work

Appendix A- Department of Social Work Directory

Appendix B- Sample SW 401 Syllabus

Appendix C- Sample SW 451 Syllabus

Appendix D- Sample SW 709 Syllabus

Appendix E- Sample SW 710 Syllabus

Appendix F- Sample SW 729 Syllabus

Appendix G- Sample SW 733 Syllabus

Forms Relevant to Field Agencies

Appendix H- Department of Social Work Program Memorandum and Appendix A

Appendix I- Agency Description Form

Appendix J- Agency Field Instructor Resume

Appendix K- Field Placement Agreement Form

Appendix L- Link to Evaluation of BSW Field Students- Practice Competencies

Appendix M- Link to Evaluation of MSW Foundation Field Students- Practice Competencies

Appendix N- Link to Evaluation of MSW Advance Field Students- Practice Competencies

Appendix O- Agency Field Instructor Evaluation of Field Program

Forms Relevant to Students

Appendix P- Student Resume Format

Appendix Q- Student Log of Field Work- BSW/MSW Foundation

Appendix R- Student Log of Field Work- MSW Advanced

Appendix S- Student Learning Contract- BSW/MSW Foundation

Appendix T- Student Learning Contract- MSW Advanced

Appendix U- Student Evaluation of Field Program

Appendix V- Sample BSW Field Internship Application

Appendix W- MSW Foundation Field Internship Application

Appendix X- MSW Advanced Field Internship Application

Appendix Y: Request for Work Site Field Placement

Appendix Z: Request for Extended Medical Leave

Appendix AA: Student Learning Contract Addendum: Offer to Employment

Appendix BB: CastleBranch (background check provider)

Appendix CC: Driver Authorization Form (Click "VEHICLE USE AGREEMENT form" to get started)

Other Important Information:

Appendix DD: Accreditation Standards that Govern Field Education

Appendix EE: Admission and Continuation Committee

Appendix FF: National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics

Appendix GG: Approved Partnering Field Agencies

Appendix HH: Important Web Addresses

Appendix II: MPSW Chapter 20: CONDUCT

Appendix JJ: 2015 Educational Policies and Standards (EPAS)

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