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BSW Vision, Mission & Goals


The vision of this Department reflects a central belief that its curriculum be guided by the principle of doing what is right and just — teaching students to willingly accept the professional responsibility to act as the "heart and conscience" of the profession in their respective communities or as part of the profession-at-large, to advocate on  behalf of those who suffer discrimination, devaluing and oppression. The Department's mission and goals stem from its vision.

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Mission of the BSW Program

The BSW Program guides and prepares students to engage in generalist practice social work in both local and global contexts, that is focused on strengths and skills, social justice values, critical thinking, and is evidence-based.

BSW Goals

  • Graduate competent (based on CSWE Foundation Competencies and Practice Behaviors) BSW level social work professionals
  • Prepare graduates for entry-level employment in generalist social work practice positions
  • Prepare students for entry into graduate school and stimulate engagement in regional professional development activities
  • Prepare students for state/national examination for certification as entry-level social workers

NASW Code of Ethics

Social Justice Options Spring 2020

The BSW curriculum now requires BSW complete a 300 (or higher) level Social Justice course as part of their degree. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. Take SW 315 Diversity and Social Justice(Offered SELECT fall semesters; check Titan Web to see if it is offered in your desired term)


2. Enroll in an approved Social Justice minor course at the 300 level or higher. Click here for full list of Social Justice classes offered in Spring 2020. Note, some of these options have prerequisites or require instructor consent to enroll so please reach out to the listed professor for permission.



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