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BSW Documents

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Student Handbook

Comprehensive guide to the UWO Department of Social Work's history, mission, policies and programming

BSW Course Bulletin

2017-2019 Course Bulletin of Social Work undergraduate courses

BSW Sequence of Courses

This document lists order of required Bachelor of Social Work major courses

BSW Completion Plan

Outline for completing Bachelor of Social Work degree with the University Studies Program (USP)

Student Resume Format

Recommended format for students creating a Social Work resume

APA Policy

Department of Social Work Policy on application of American Psychological Association (APA) standards for citations and references in Social Work course written assignments

Volunteer Reference Sheet

Documentation of volunteer hours for BSW applicants

BSW Ideas for Elective Options Fall 2019

BSW Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes 2019

Student Learning Outcomes for BSW Students at conclusion of Spring 2019

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