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Social Work Adviser

Students with an interest in Social Work are encouraged to meet with the Social Work adviser to talk about Social Work careers and their educational plans.

The Department of Social Work Undergraduate Advisor is

Colleen Hansen

Swart 236



Advising Resources

For further information on advisement, number of credits needed for the major, admissions policies, etc., please refer to:

BSW Student Forms

Social Justice 3XX Options Fall 2019

The BSW curriculum now requires BSW complete a Social Justice course as part of their degree. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. Take SW 315 Diversity and Social Justice(Offered SELECT fall semesters; check titan web to see if it is offered in your desired term)


2. Enroll in an approved Social Justice minor course. Note, some of these options have prerequisites or require instructor consent to enroll so please reach out to the listed professor for permission.

Fall 2019, Social Justice is offering the following options approved for the SW major:

-SOC JUST 317: Sociology of Health and Wellness (61870) TTH 9:40-11:10, Juyeon Son

-SOC JUST 332: Violence: An Examination of the Institutional Foundations (62936) W 5-8pm, Michael Lenza

-SOC JUST 347: Race, Class, Gender in the Mass Media (62330) TTH 11:30-1pm, Caryn Murphy

-SOC JUST 350: Ethnographic Methods (62984) TTH 9:40-11:10am, Stephanie de Montigny

-SOC JUST 368: Sociology of Gender (61874) TTH 11:30-1pm, Juyeon Son

-SOC JUST 377: Foundations of American Political Thought (61900) MWF 10:20-11:20, David Seimers

-SOC JUST 427: Rhetorical Criticism (62519) TTH 3-4:30pm, Carmen Heider

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