As I was pursuing my BSW at UW Oshkosh, I found it most helpful being in a smaller group of folks that had the same vision as I did. This small group of 50 students made it feel like I could have meaningful connections with my classmates and professors. I was most appreciative to the BSW Field Coordinator at the time to understand my concerns. She assisted with the change of placement with little to no hesitation. She made me feel heard and valued as a student and as a young upcoming professional. With that change, I was empowered to advocate for myself and my professional development experience. The BSW program prepared me to be a critical thinker at my field placement and in my current place of employment following graduation. The specific qualities that were most meaningful to me are allowing students to be vulnerable with each other, no matter the course. Being able to form purposeful relationships with classmates made it ten times more manageable and simply more fun to be pursuing a social work degree. I would consider my advisor to have helped me through my BSW journey by listening, caring, and providing sage advice in navigating my future. I want to extend my most incredible gratitude to all of the professors that taught me and showed me the ropes and the best of luck to incoming students considering pursuing a degree in social work!