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MSW Field Education

MSW Field Coordinator

Carol Collien,, 920-424-0146

Please contact with any questions regarding MSW Field.

Purpose of the Field Placement

All students in the program are required to complete field placement. The student’s field experience is one of the most vital aspects of his or her career in the MSW Program. It is in the field placement that everything a student learns in the classroom is integrated and used to further strengthen capabilities as an advanced level practitioner.

The foundation curriculum provides a broad overview of generalist social work practice and requires a two-semester field placement that involves students in direct practice with clients and in opportunities for macro-level practice experiences in administration, community organizing, and advocacy.

To view the 2016 Field Agency Supervisor Orientation click here.

UWO Field Manual


The UWO Field Manual describes all aspects of the Field Placement experience.


The Field Placement as Part of the Social Work Curriculum

Students in the MSW Program have field placements at two different agencies, one during the Foundation year, and the second during the Advanced year.

The Foundation field placement is for 16 hours a week over the course of two semesters and helps students integrate their generalist practice skills.

The Advanced field placement is for 15 hours a week over the course of two semesters and helps students perform more effectively in their specialty (Health Care, Mental Health Care).


Planning for the Field Placement

Field placement planning is organized by the MSW Field Coordinator, who educates students about the field placement process, works with students to meet their professional interests, contacts and licenses field agencies, and helps students with issues and concerns that arise during the course of their placements. The UWO Field Manual describes this process and field policies in greater detail.

Field sites run the gamut of opportunities social workers experience in practice.


MSW Field Supervisors

Click above for helpful information and links for MSW Field Supervisors

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