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MSW Application Requirements & Procedures

Admission Requirements

The Program is particularly interested in applicants who want to develop expertise in the areas of health care and mental health care practice. Applicants should be comfortable with developing their expertise in working from a strengths-based perspective, with developing skills to work in both rural and metropolitan areas, and in working with clients from diverse cultures and circumstances.

Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis from late September through late May, or until the cohorts fill. As such, note that there is no formal application deadline.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75, with 3.0 in the last 60 credits of study;
  • Have an academic background in the liberal arts and have completed a minimum of 18 credits in social sciences among courses in at least three of the following disciplines: psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and political science (BSW students meet the criterion);
  • Submit personal essays which address the following (these are submit as part of the supplemental application; we recommend that you draft your responses in a word processing document):
    • Examples of how you apply social work values and principles
    • Explanation of how your skills, knowledge and abilities support a career in Social Work
    • Description of your career goals;
  • Three completed electronic reference questionnaires (including one academic reference, see supplemental MSW application);
  • Demonstrate relevant professional work/volunteer experiences (submit via the supplemental application):
    • Report number of hours of relevant work experience
    • Report number of hours of relevant volunteer experience;
  • Have completed course work in: Biological Life Sciences, Statistics, Research Methods, and Life Span Development or submit plans for completing this work prior to taking the Advanced Curriculum in the Program. Those with a BSW from an accredited program are considered to have met these criteria. At least two of these prerequisites must be completed before entering the program.
  • Advanced standing, applicants are required to have graduated from an accredited baccalaureate social work program within the last eight years or have successfully completed the Foundation Curriculum at a CSWE accredited MSW program.
  • Applicants who completed their degrees at foreign universities may be required to complete the TOEFL. For applicants who are Registered Aliens of the United States who have lived in the United States for more than one year or who have completed academic work in English, the TOEFL is not required. Registered Aliens who do not meet these criteria will enter the program on probation and give evidence of their English proficiency through satisfactory performance in their first-semester course work.
  • The GRE is not required.

Keeping with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Accreditation Standard 3.2.5 (EPAS 2008) the Program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Applicants are reminded that when submitting the supplemental application, please report work and volunteer hours numerically as directed.

Application Forms and Procedures

On-line graduate application

Supplemental MSW Application (Preview HERE)

Pay Graduate admissions application fee

Official transcripts of all higher education must be sent directly from each institution to:

UW Oshkosh Office of Graduate Studies

800 Algoma Blvd

Dempsey Hall, Rm 337

Oshkosh, WI 54901-8621

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