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New and incoming Fall 2020 MSW students may view the new student orientation here (PPT file)

MSW Vision, Mission and Goals


The vision of this Department is to be guided by doing what is right and just. We teach students to willingly accept the ethical, professional responsibility to act as the “heart and conscience” of the profession, and to advocate on behalf of those who suffer discrimination and oppression. The Department’s mission and goals stem from this vision.

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Mission of the MSW Program

The Master of Social Work is a strengths-based graduate education program that prepares students for advanced professional practice and leadership in both local and global practice contexts, with a commitment to evidence-based knowledge, critical thinking, and social justice values.


  • Prepare advanced degree social workers to assume leadership roles in clinical/mental health care and health care settings in order to meet the growing needs of the Fox Valley and beyond.
  • Prepare professional social workers to engage in activities that will contribute to the development and improvement of social policy at local, regional, state, and national levels as it pertains to culturally relevant mental health and health care services.
  • Engage in collaborative partnerships with other academic units and degree programs at UW Oshkosh, as well as with organizational entities in the Fox Valley region in order to improve community well-being.
  • Engage in teaching, research and evaluation activities that promote best practices in mental health and health care practice and encourage innovation and discovery to improve the well-being of those in need.

NASW Code of Ethics

UW Oshkosh MSW Program Information

The MSW Degree offered by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh-Department of Social Work is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE)

View our MSW Fact Sheet here.

Tuition and Fees 2019-2020

$618.57 per credit

Some courses may have additional fees assessed. See link below for full information.

*Prices include $68.57 per credit in segregated fees

Credit plateau is not applicable to MSW courses

Click for full information on Tuition and Fees

MSW Field Education

UWO Department of Social Work Student Handbook

UW Oshkosh Graduate Students

MSEP -- Midwest Student Exchange Program. Did you know that students from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin can all participate in the MSEP? Students from these states can attend participating schools, such as UW Oshkosh, for 150% of in-state tuition. For undergraduates this makes attending UW Oshkosh less expensive for Illinois students than attending some Illinois state schools. The same may be true for the graduate program. Students don't need to do anything special to qualify for the "discount." It is figured into their tuition when they apply.

Fall 2020 Schedule

COVID 19 has continued impact on Fall 2020 instruction. Students should contact their professors directly via email if they require updates to course delivery.

Class NameInstructorTime Room
SW 701- Ethical Issues in Contemporary Social Work (9/9/2020-10/27/2020 Dr. Mary Weeden
T 5pm-7pm
SW 707- Human Behavior in the Social Environment (10/28/2020-12/18/2020) Dr. Jon Hudson T 5pm-8pm online
SW 708- Social Welfare Policy: Contemporary Approaches (1/4/2021-1/22/2021)
Dr. Matthew Ringenberg
T 5-9pm
Swart 126
SW 720- Practice Competency in a Diverse Community (9/9/2020-12/18/2020) Dr. Amy F Williams Th 5-7pm online
SW 727- Psychopathology and Strengths-Bases Assessment (9/9/2020-10/27/2020)
Audra Eggum, MSW, LCSW W: 6:10pm-9:10pm
S Halsey 107
SW 728- Advanced Social Work Policy Practice (1/4/2021-1/22/2021) Dr. Matthew Ringenberg W: 6:10pm-9:10pm Swart 126
SW 729- Advanced Field and Seminar Mental Health (9/9/2020-1/22/2021) Dr. Mary Weeden W 5pm-6pm online
SW 729- Advanced Field and Seminar Health Care (9/9/2020-1/22/2020) Dr. James Power W 5pm-6pm Swart 2017
SW 731- Program Evaluation, Practice Outcomes, and Evidence Based Practice (10/28/2020-12/18/2020) Dr. Matthew Ringenberg 6:10pm-8:10pm Sage 1210
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