Social Work Field Manual


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Appendix A: Directory

Appendix B: Sample SW 401 Syllabus

Appendix C: Sample SW 451 Syllabus

Appendix D: Sample SW 709 Syllabus

Appendix E: Sample SW 701 Syllabus

Appendix F: Sample SW 729 Syllabus

Appendix G: Sample SW 733 Syllabus

Appendix H: Program Memorandum

Appendix I: Agency Description Form

Appendix J: Agency Field Instructor Resume

Appendix K: Field Placement Agreement Form

Appendix L: Evaluation of BSW Field Competencies

Appendix M: Evaluation of MSW Foundation Field Competencies

Appendix N: Evaluation of MSW Advanced Field Competencies

Appendix O: Agency Field Instructor Program Eval

Appendix P: Student Resume Format

Appendix Q: Student Field Work Log (BSW/MSW Foundation)

Appendix R: Student Field Work Log (MSW Advanced)

Appendix S Student Learning Contract BSW and Generalist (EPAS 2022)

Appendix T-1 Student Learning Contract Advanced Mental Health (EPAS 2022)

Appendix T-2 Student Learning Contract Advanced Direct Pracitce (EPAS 2022)

Appendix U: Student Field Program Evaluation

Appendix V: Sample BSW Field Internship Application

Appendix W: MSW Foundation Field Application

Appendix X: MSW Advanced Field Application

Appendix Y: Request for Field Site Placemnt

Appendix Z: Request for Extended Medical Leave

Appendix AA: SLC Addendum: Offer to Employment

Appendix BB: CastleBranch Background Check

Appendix CC: Vehicle Use Agreement Form

Appendix DD: Field Study Accreditation Standards

Appendix EE: Admission and Continuation Committee

Appendix FF: NASW Code of Ethics

Appendix GG: Approved Partnering Field Agencies

Appendix HH: Important Web Addresses

Appendix II: MPSW Chapter 20: Conduct




Social Work Department

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Swart Hall, Room 118