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Study Abroad

This course and experience will use class and small group discussions in addition to selected readings, research, daily excursions and guest speakers to explore issues related to leadership and culture in New Zealand and Australia.  Students are better prepared to serve the unique needs of the individuals with whom they work and to empower them when they have a clearer understanding and appreciation of the diverse backgrounds of these individuals.  This study abroad experience is a unique opportunity for students to gain a sense of understanding of this unique diversity in a global context as they travel to a different part of the world. Students will be challenged to step outside of their comfort zones and engage in a learning experience in which they will develop new understandings of cross cultural understanding, patience, tolerance, communication and problem solving among numerous other essential skills.

This is a service learning/social action study abroad experience that incorporates a wide variety of activities that may include volunteering with organizations that support youth who are at risk, individuals with disabilities, Aboriginal and Maori culture and education, and environmental issues. There may be opportunities for doing service projects such as partnering with Habitat for Humanity, going on professional site visits to organizations that address issues of social justice and land rights for Aboriginal and Maori communities in addition to spending time within communities that work to maintain traditional Aboriginal and Maori cultural practices and language.

In addition to learning about local indigenous culture and participating in service learning/social action opportunities, students have enjoyed touring the Botanical Gardens and Sydney Opera House and learning about opportunities for foreign service and US-Australian trade, security and business relationships with a visit to the US Consular General. Presentations by activists, local politicians, human service organizations, educational leaders, business leaders and local Aboriginal and Maori elders offer opportunities for students to explore issues of leadership and culture for three weeks while earning three to four credits at UW Oshkosh. Students from all majors and minors are welcome to participate.

The trip is usually offered every two years. Students can sign up for Social Justice 399, Communication 405, or Women’s Studies 399 all of which are upper level electives for three credits. For more information, contact:

Dr. Carmen Heider


Dr. Liz Cannon