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Minor Requirements

The social justice minor consists of 21 credits, which include an entry-level classroom experience, a capstone experience, and 15 credits of elective course work. Within that structure, the Social Justice Minor offers students an opportunity to choose one of the prepared emphases of courses listed below, or, with the advice and consent of the Social Justice Director, to construct a program of study that addresses the specific aspects of Social Justice that concern them most.
Students will be urged to begin working toward the Social Justice minor as soon as possible during their college careers. 
Students interested in the Social Justice Minor should meet with the Director, who will start a file for the student before they officially declare the Minor.

Completion of a Social Justice Minor

Students must earn a grade of “C” in each course included in the minor. Courses included in the Social Justice Minor may also be used to satisfy general education requirements or individual departments’ major and minor requirements. At least 12 credits taken to fulfill the minor’s requirements must be upper division (numbered 300 and above). A maximum of 9 credits may count for both this minor and any other major or minor program. There is no limit to the number of social justice courses that may be used by Social Justice Minors to fulfill general education requirements.


Introductory Course: 3 Credits

The following course is accepted for an introduction to the minor:

  • Introduction to Social Justice 101 (also Quest Social Justice 101/102)

Elective Course: 15 Credits

Students may choose one of five pre-approved emphases. View pre-approved emphases here. Students may also develop an individualized course of study with approval of the Director of the Social Justice Program. In order for an individualized course of study to be approved, students will need to write a Social Justice minor proposal, which will include a statement explaining the overall theme(s) of their minor as well as a list of courses that will comprise it, annotated with a rationale explaining why each course was selected and how it contributes to the minor.

*Social Work students can use three credits of their General Applied Practice as elective credits for the SJ minor.

A Social Justice Minor student can participate in the National Student Exchange Program and earn up to 6 elective credits in the Social Justice Minor Program back at UW Oshkosh.  The student is responsible for providing course descriptions and course syllabi, when possible.  These courses must be pre-approved by the Social Justice Steering Committee in advance of the student enrolling.  A Curriculum Modification form will be completed to count the course(s) into the elective options.


Capstone Course: 3 Credits

SJ 499: The capstone course is the final course for the minor.  The research paper will have a social justice theme.


Students entering the Social Justice Minor program in fall 2011 and later will complete a portfolio which should be started soon after declaring the minor. The portfolio will be electronic and will include the following elements:

1. Reflection on Coursework:

 Students will list the Social Justice courses taken and include a reflective statement on each course regarding what was learned and what will be taken from the course into future endeavors.

2. Capstone Essay:

Students will compose and include a final paper from their capstone experience.

3. Related Projects:

Students will compose and include a final paper from their capstone experience.