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Titans Move-In and Move-Out

Here you will find resources for Titans moving to campus and off of campus through out the academic year.

Do I need to bring a vehicle to UW-Oshkosh as a student in the dorms?

No, the UWO campus is walkable (10 minutes to walk the whole length!), there are bike rentals (available at the Student Rec Center, helmet included!), UWO Go (Download the app), carpool, and more! 

How would I properly dispose of a broken laptop or an electronic product?

E-waste facilities, just contact UW Oshkosh Campus Services, or Winnebago County Solid Waste Mgmt. 

Am I responsible for any items I bring into the dorms and properly disposing of or donating at the end of the semester? (True or False)

True, UWO has programs that will assist in organizing a pick-up on campus, but individual students are responsible for any items they bring in. Reach out to UW Oshkosh Campus Services, or check out WEBSITE 

Any used clothing is accepted in the dorm’s donation bins (True or False)

False, while we can accept most clothing, even items such as shoes, necklaces, and clean bedding, please do not donate any used/soiled undergarments (if it didn’t happen, this question wouldn’t be here. Yikes!) 

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