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Bird-Window Collisions

This project assesses and prevents bird-window strikes and implements strategies to reduce the number of bird-window strikes each year. 

Point People: M. Elsbeth (Misty) McPhee & Brad Spanbauer

Winnebago Pool Lakes Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) project

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) damage local waterways and ecosystems. This project studies and supports the health of local water system with a goal to restore biodiversity.

Point Person: Stephanie Spehar

Urban Ecology Center

The center will use environmental education as a tool for inspiring urban revitalization with nature and providing opportunities for people of all ages to get involved.

Point People: Ken Leinbach, Stephanie Sephar, & Brad Spanbauer

Climate of the Mountain

A SIRT and Faculty Development supported project that works with K-12 students and the public to explore climate change via artistic and poetic expression. This project was showcased at the Annex Gallery April 24-30, 2023.

Point People: Judith Baker Waller (Fox Cities-Art), Teresa Weglarz (Fox Cities-Biology), James Brey (Fox Cities-Geology)


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