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   Proposals are due April 26th, 2024

   About the Green Fund at UW Oshkosh

  • The Green Fund is a student-run committee funded through students’ segregated fees to implement sustainability projects for campus.
  • Approximately $60,000 is available each year for student projects that promote sustainability on the Oshkosh campus.
  • Projects can be anything related to sustainability: social justice, climate change, landscaping, food projects, etc.
  • Proposals can be written by any student or student groups and will be reviewed for approval and funding each semester.
  • Submit a proposal/application available on this page and email the completed application to
  • Everyone submitting a proposal must present it to the Green Fund committee. Once all of the proposals have been presented and reviewed, the committee will vote on which projects to fund and how much to allocate to each project.

We’re here to help at every step of the process from working out your ideas to organizing the project and filling out the application. You can make a positive impact on our campus! For questions, more information, or to talk about an idea please email or

   About the Green Fund at UW Oshkosh

Empowering the student body to engage in sustainability is our number one priority. Sustainability is about becoming a healing force for the world through creativity, innovation, and traditional knowledge.

The following examples are by no means the only options available to you. Creativity and pushing the limits of what is possible is highly encouraged! These examples are from existing green projects from other campuses around the country or from previously funded projects to get your brain juices churning.

Green Fund Proposal Ideas

  • Water bottle refill/hydration stations (not all buildings have these!)
  • Bikes for rental program, bike repair stations
  • Workshops, Events & Conferences (e.g., Sustainable living workshop, Social Justice in Higher Education Conference, etc.)
  • Special guest speakers
  • Campus greenhouse, gardens, permaculture projects (perennial food systems, trees, bushes, mushrooms, animals, bees, etc.), planting native plants
  • Alternative energy, lighting upgrades, plumbing upgrades
  • Recycling infrastructure and programming
  • Green infrastructure (benches, bike racks, etc.)
  • Anything that you can think of that promotes a culture of sustainability!

Green Fund Contact Info:

Please email questions & proposals to .

Student Sustainability Director for OSG: Katie Hesselbein,
Chair:  Meredith Agnew,

Assistant Chair: Sarah Kleinschmidt,
Members: Addie Taddy, Ella Taddy, Brooklyn Carpenter, Blayde Pamperin, Jack Keating, Alyssa Proell Alternates:  Hannah Hazard, Rhiley Mulder 
Financing Advisor: Jean Kwaterski (Facilities Management),
Sustainability Advisor: Brad Spanbauer (Sustainability Director),

Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations


UW Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Contact Info:

(920) 424-0440
SIRT Office: 4483 Sage Hall