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Sustainability Leadership in Organizations

(15 – 19 Credits)

Learn how organizations and businesses can have an impact on sustainability, and how to move organizations in a more sustainable direction. 

Required Courses: 3- 7 cr.

  • ES 102: Intro to Sustainability or EGRT 113: Building a Sust. World (4 cr) 
  • ES 400: Certificate Capstone/Placement (0-3 cr; can be taken for 0 credits if student has an appropriate 1-3 credit internship/placement within their major). 



Intro to Communication (3 cr.)

  • COMM 280/380: Introduction to Organizational Communication (380 is the OCE version) 


Intro to Business (3 cr.)

  • Bus 198/198Q2: Intro to Business (req. for students outside of COB) 
  • Bus 275 (Q3): Sustainability: The 21st Century Business Strategy 
  • MHR 351: Essentials of Organizational Behavior 


Upper Level Electives (6 cr, from 2 different departments) 

Marketing & Professional Communications

  • Comm 413: Communication in Non-Profit Orgs (Comm 280)
  • Comm 415: Organizational Rhetoric (Comm 280)
  • MHR 351: Essentials of Organizational Behavior (if not taken as part of Intro Business section)
  • MHR 360/EGRT 360/INFO SYS 481: Project Management
  • MHR 372: Creativity and Innovation
  • MHR 374: Social Entrepreneurship (pre-req MHR 373)
  • HUMAN SV 385: Financial Sustainability in Non-Profit Organizations (consent)
  • HUMAN SV 335: Globalization in Human Services (consent)
  • HUMAN SV 440: Leadership and Decision Making in Non-Profit Organizations (consent)
  • SMGT 330: Sustainability Reporting


Certificate in Sustainability Leadership Learning Outcomes: 

  • Describe how organizations can have an impact on sustainability
  • Apply leadership and influence tactics to move organizations and individuals within organizations in a more sustainable direction

Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations


UW Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Contact Info:

(920) 424-0440
SIRT Office: 4483 Sage Hall