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Assistant Professor of English
Radford Hall 225
SIRT Affiliate

Research Interests: Sustainability Pedagogy, Animal Studies, Modern Literature

In addition to teaching regularly within the Sustainability Signature Question of the University Studies Program, Dr. Stewart Cole produces sustainability-related research in both SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) and more traditional academic scholarship. In his SoTL work, Dr. Cole is particularly interested in exploring both the unique perspectives that the humanities can bring to the sustainability conversation and the particular skills cultivated within the humanities that can be applied to solving problems related to sustainability. Dr. Cole’s academic work is situated within the interdisciplinary field of animal studies, exploring representations of animals in modern and contemporary British and Irish literatures with a view to historicizing the conceptual divide between human and nonhuman animals and calling into question the pervasive speciesism that is a crucial factor in enabling practices and processes that undermine sustainability, from myriad forms of habitat destruction to factory farming. Finally, Dr. Cole is a widely published poet whose work often explores the convergences of the social, the environmental, and the economic.