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Associate Professor of Anthropology
312 Swart Hall

Research Interests: Primate Ecology and Conservation, Human-Wildlife Coexistence, Conservation Strategy, Community-based Conservation

Dr. Spehar is interested in how primates and other wildlife respond to human disturbance and the implications of this for their conservation and coexistence with human communities. She has conducted research in Latin America and Africa, but her current work is mainly focused on Indonesian Borneo and the critically endangered Bornean orangutan. Current projects include efforts to understand the extent and limits of orangutan resilience to human activities, and using this information to promote sound policy and cooperation between stakeholders to help orangutans survive in human-dominated landscapes.

SIRT Affiliation: Dr. Spehar is a member of the Internal Advisory Board for SIRT, a participator in the SIRT Seminar Series, and part of the planning team for Earth Charter and Earth Week.