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Professor of Geology
104 Harrington Hall

Research Interests: Groundwater Flow and Quality in Fractured Carbonate Rocks, Land-Use Impacts on Groundwater Quality, Characterization of Groundwater Flow Systems in order to Protect Sensitive Aquatic Resources

Dr. Muldoon’s research focuses on applied groundwater questions and recently was the co-principle investigator for the Kewaunee County Groundwater study. She is frequently asked to share her knowledge on a variety of governmental task forces and committees and her recent work has resulted in proposed changes in both state and county regulations that govern manure applications to agriculture fields.

SIRT Affiliation: She has been a member of the Campus Sustainability Council since its inception, initiated Campus Move Out Days, served as co-chair of the Campus Sustainability Council, and has assisted with the planning of Earth Charter and Earth Week events for years.


*on leave 2019-2020