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Policies & Forms

Gaining Access to Facilities & Equipment

Students must follow all policies and procedures while using Radio TV Film facilities and equipment. Any student who is currently enrolled in a Radio TV Film production course or is an active member of an RTF student media organization may request access.

Complete the following steps to gain access:

  1. Read the Radio TV Film Policies & Procedures Manual
  2. Complete the online student agreement form. 

Once you have completed these steps, you will be approved to utilize facilities including checkout, studio facilities and post production editors including Editshare.

Approval for Advanced Projects

Students producing advanced projects (short films, tv shows, radio programs) are required to file their approved productions with the department. Students will not be able to begin production on their projects until the form has been filled out and been approved by their instructor of student media advisor. If you are unsure if your production requires an advanced project form, contact your instructor or advisor.

  1. Meet with advisor to discuss the form and gain approval of the schedule, cast/crew list.
  2. Fill out the advanced project form.


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