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Advanced Projects

Advanced Project Form

This is a contract between Radio TV Film and the student and/or student organization. Any student or student media organization needing access to any production or post production facilities and equipment or extra editing space for an existing project will need to fill out this form.

Prior to filling out this form you should go over the required information with your advisor including having the cast and crew list and schedule pre-approved. This will save time approving your project.

Equipment and facilities will still need to be reserved through using the online reservation form.

Any student listed in this document should have read the policy manual, COVID-19 plan, and completed the online agreement form. Failure to ensure crew has completed this step will lead to a delay in your project being approved.

  • Title of film, TV Show, Radio Program, etc.
  • The instructor or student media advisor who you are working with on this project.
  • This person is the primary contact for the production. This should be the individual filling out this form!
  • Double check for typos! This is the address we'll use to contact you.
  • This is the person that is primarily responsible for managing EditShare and editing assets. Type N/A if project does not require a post production supervisor.
  • Type N/A if project does not require a post production supervisor.
  • Type N/A if project does not require a post production supervisor.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    First day facilities will be needed or first day of production.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Final day of production.
  • Include your production schedule. Be as detailed as possible with the understanding dates may change.
    When equipment is required for your production, equipment must be reserved through the online reservation form.
  • List any individuals who will need EditShare access. Include their position title and NetID.
  • List your Post Production needs; AvidStyle if editing in Media Composer, otherwise managed; size of drive.
  • Include your post production schedule.

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