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Hire and RTF student for your next project!

Radio-TV-Film provides a variety of production services for UW Oshkosh departments and organizations along with outside clients in the Northeast Wisconsin community. These services are done from an educational perspective: the collaboration between students, faculty and clients to produce quality programming within an educational setting. For more information contact Director of TV Services, Justine Stokes at (920) 424-3133.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects are designed for clients interested in working with RTF students and resources to produce a video project. Clients collaborate with students and an RTF faculty or staff adviser to set expectations, responsibilities and deadlines for the project.

Due to the constraints of the academic year and the time commitment of collaborative projects, we are only able to produce a limited number of collaborative projects during the academic year. Projects are not produced from mid-June through August. Prices are quoted based on the project requirements.

Production Assistance

RTF students, who have completed the necessary classes and training, are available for assistance with on-campus and off-campus projects as videographers and editors. The cost for this service is $15 an hour plus cost of equipment rental (if applicable).

Equipment Rental

Film, video and audio equipment is available for rental. Rentals are restricted to the academic year. Availability may be restricted by the needs of the RTF academic program. The equipment available is professional, broadcast quality and, therefore, rentals are restricted to use by trained individuals. Prices are quoted based on the project requirements.

Transfer and Duplication Services

Services for dubbing to and from various video formats, including film, beta, mini-dv and DVD are available. Audio transfers include 1/4″ open reel (halftrack/full track), DAT, audio cassette and vinyl.


  • Transfers: $25/hr plus cost of media DVD
  • Duplications: $10 plus cost of DVD

Radio TV Film Department

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